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Taking care of your AC unit to last longer is so essential. It will help you stay cool & keep your energy bills down.

Thus, when your air is humid or not cold enough, it's time to give AC Repair Clear Lake City TX a call for AC repair & installation service.



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Expertly Operated AC Repair Service

When the summer heat or winter cold is outside, your AC must be working hard to make sure that your house is cold or warm enough. That's why AC repair & installation is essential to ensure that your unit is serving you efficiently for years to come. Schedule your maintenance service today!


AC Repair Clear Lake City TX techs have the experience that your AC needs to work again!
All our professional teams are ready to help you with all your Air Conditioner repair or installation needs. We always keep our vehicles fully-stocked with up-to-date tools & essential parts for any repair or replacement issue in Clear Lake City Texas.


Common Air Conditioner Repair Problems

AC malfunction and fix

A warm house or insufficient air are clear signs that your AC unit is small for the space that is meant to cool. Also, when the air conditioner filters are clogged, this can cause less cold air inside your house. Bad motor or fan could be the reason behind this issue too!

Therefore, only a professional AC repair & installation technician will be able to decide the main reason behind your AC malfunction and fix it right away. At AC Repair Clear Lake City TX AC fan problems & water leaks are right up our alley. There is no hard to fix job for us! Call today to experience the cheapest services in Texas.


Bonita Hardwick

The vent cleaning technicians were courteous, professional, and efficient. A top recommendation for anyone who requires vent cleaning services! Excellent work!



This duct cleaning service for businesses will not disappoint. It's my go-to service anytime I need my business's air ducts cleaned.


Johnny Earl

tech was very professional and very helpful in educating me on location of where the dryer vents exit my house! Would definitely recommend this company! Thank you!!



AC Repair & Installation Clear Lake City TX wonderful! They get back to you quickly, they make a convenient appointment and show up right on time to do the job. The dryer vent look great and they guarantees their work.


What Our Clients say

We Are Dedicated To the Complete and Total Satisfaction of Our Customers.
Our commitment to meeting the highest standards in the industry comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.

Is It The Time for New Ac Installation?


Air conditioning units are costly, which means that purchase another one is the last thing you want to do! However, Ac repair at times might not be the ideal option. For instance, if your unit is old and undergoes multiple repair needs, then you properly need to get a new AC replacement.

There are other factors that you need to consider to decide which are:

  • Age.
  • Utility rates.
  • Investment costs.
  • Long-term reparation costs.

Don't wait till the cold season hits or sweat during summer! If this is the case of your AC, AC Repair Clear Lake City TX 's AC repair & installation technicians have got you covered! We will make your AC unit perform efficiently without costing you an arm and a leg. Call now in Clear Lake City Texas, for a free estimate!

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